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I had three days of a headache and stiff neck.  After taking Motrin every 8 hours for two days straight,I broke down and took my migraine medication.  After two more days and no relief Debra sent me Reiki by absentee treatment.  After ten minutes my neck felt cold at the sight of the stiffness.  Within twenty minutes, I had more range of motion and within thirty minutes the headache was gone.  I was up and moving again.

A. H., Lexington, Kentucky

Debra is a respected colleague and friend who has administered Reiki to me at times when I was experiencing physical and emotional pain.  Last year after an automobile accident causing fractured ribs, I was given great relief from Debbie's Reiki healing.  I don't know how she does it, I just know it works.  I was having great discomfort, even opiates were not giving me the relief I needed to continue working a twelve hour shift.  Debbie noticed I was not feeling like myself and offered to do a absentee Reiki session on me.  It only took a few minutes before I started to feel the healing from this treatment.

I am a firm believer in Reiki and other forms of alternative medicine to heal the mind, body, and spirit.  I believe whether alternative therapies are received alone or in conjunction with other standard practices people are able to experience a wider range of healing.

B. Grigsby, RN, BSN, IBCLC

I had injured my back at work moving a heavy patient.  My back hurt so much.  I was miserable for several days.  I began Reiki training with Debbie and had mentioned my back pain to her and had received Reiki during one of my classes.  A couple of days after that Debbie had texted meto ask how my back was feeling.  I was at work and it was a very busy day.  On my next break I texted that I was having a lot of pain and was sitting with ice on my back.  Debbie offered a distance Reiki treatment when I got home.  That evening after I got home and in bed Debbie started working her Reiki magic.  I fell asleep during the treatment and felt so much better when I woke up the next morning.  My back continued to feel better and better.  I felt that my pain resolved and I was back to normal within another day.

Reiki really works and it is a gift to be shared.  I could never thank Debbie enough for the healing she sent me.

K. Jarvis, RN

In spring and the summer of 2017 I asked for Debbie's assistance in bringing my mom inner peace and comfort thru Reiki and to also assist my sister with relaxation techniques in Reiki. 

This seemed to be accomplished.  My mother was much more peaceful, calm, and able to transition.  My sister had a more relaxed attitude and demonstrated more patience throughout the situation.

E. Nathe, Lexington, KY

I was having a problem with my ear.  It was full of fluid, always ringing and making noises after having a cold.  This went on for days.  The sinus medications I was taking weren't helping and I couldn't hear out of that ear.  I sent Debbie a text late at night asking if she could help me with this, because it was becoming really aggravating.  

Debbie sent me two absentee treatments.  With the first treatment my ear was feeling better and during the second treatment I could feel my ear open up and all the buzzing noises were gone.  I could hear perfectly out of that ear.

B. J., Lexington, KY

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